10 of the greatest camera hacks of all times

f29ba72fd7a45044789308c6822cebacPhotography is a great past time for sentimental ones. Through this art form, people can capture memorable moments. For example, a friend can upload a photo of his daily school trips then tag other classmates that were with him. It is one way of marking a certain period in their lives that proves, at one point; they became part of each other’s life. Although change may not be hindered at any cost, although decisions to create happy memories will not be redeemed once wasted, photographs can capture a portion of what’s left behind.  


Camera hacks improve photography a lot. So enumerated on the list below are ten examples of hacks that will surely help people during their photo shoot.


  1.    Floppy Disk IR Camera lens. Use a spare Floppy Disk IR Film as a Camera Lens disassembling the Disk unit then extracting its film. One can achieve sepia or maroon ambience by using this technique.
  2.    Camera mounts. There are many ways to stabilize a camera. For example, one can use a lamp stand or steel pole. By being resourceful, photographers can even customize mounts through PVC pipe and more.
  3.    Photography flash filter out of plastic sack. According to Natural Science, light is a wave particle so using plastic sack can make it diffract and lessen the flash sharpness.
  4.    Cigarette packet flash diffuser. One of the cheapest alternatives for light regulator is by using Cigarette packet on a Flash. Unlike plastic sack, cigarette packet can make light waves focus on a plain.
  5.    Aerial shots. Using expensive gadgets, aerial shots can be achieved through drones. It is a small commercial aircraft that is man operated for videography purposes. However, one can hang a camera to substitute drone effect.
  6.    Polaroid instant shot. Polaroid is a handy filmed camera for teenagers who value cute stuffs. It is a camera hack for being unique.
  7.    Monochrome camera. One can overlay a film to achieve monochrome camera. It gives a classic effect that is best for outdoor photo shoot.
  8.    Alternative slider. Using skateboard or wheelchair on a smooth pavement, photographer can do slider effects through substitute items.
  9.    Toilet paper tube. Also on cheap options, toilet paper can be used as tube instead of normal lens tube.
  10.   Macro tilt-shift lens using headset. Remove the right or left earphone lobes then put it on a lens as substitute for tilt-shift lenses.

Therefore, if people try alternative items, they can save a lot and invest for lenses or tripod that will be needed later on. Be sure to try these hacks to save money while starting for first shoot. After all great things start through small beginning.