15 photography project ideas

7b6da54997842a1019970213e58d3bbbPhotography is a passion and profession that is used almost anywhere. Parents would compile their Child’s printed photographs and put it in an album. Within a School Year, a photographer would take each grade a class picture. College students who are affiliated to Bachelor of Arts would have Photography classes on a Minor Subject. Job interviews require 2×2 pictures on resume. Later, a couple would be shooting their pre-nuptial and wedding photos. Then at funeral, photography is still needed to capture the condolences. Therefore, we can see photography anywhere.

There are many options for photography but people may become undecided to choose one among others. So to help them pick one, here are fifteen photography project ideas.

  1.    Pet photography. It involves pets as subject. People who love and own animal can find this kind photography a great way to share with others.
  2.    Toy photography. Gundam Collection and Ball-jointed Dolls is best subject for toy photography. This type of art involves theme-figures.
  3.    Insect/bug photography. Mostly on nature ground like forests and fields, this photography involves bugs as subject. It will be a hobby for Zoology students.
  4.    Flower photography. Through the love of nature, people can go mountain climbing and do flower photography. It is good for Earth-Preservation advocates.
  5.    Marine photography. Using waterproof camera, marine photography enables people to see the underwater world of marine life.
  6.    Clouds photography. Dictated by atmosphere and weather, cloud photography can be done anywhere. Sunrise and sunset add to the beauty of this style.
  7.    Car photography. Men, considering their passion for cars, would love this photography. It is best option for organizations that sponsor racing events.
  8.    Travel photography. For bloggers, travel photography is very beneficial. People can setup blog and update the latest tourist spot they dropped by.
  9.    Light photography. Also known as light painting, the camera shutter is adjusted to capture light that is drawn by the subject.
  10.   Photo journalism. It is a profession as Media Correspondent that allows people to take photographs over crimes and accidents for newspaper or websites.
  11.   Street photography. Unlike photo journalism, street photography is more focused on daily life of a community.
  12.   Debut/birthday photography. With enough equipment, a team can be freelancer to the growing industry of event photography.
  13.   Wedding photography. It includes pre-nuptial and post wedding coverage. This style is in demand as business now.
  14.   Sports photography. It needs proper lenses which is quite expensive for some. Sports photography opens a consistent job opportunity.
  15.   Press conference photography. Best for entertainment website, this style needs dedication and budget for travel.


If people learn to expand their talent through different photography styles, this art will be a necessity to touch wider audience. So be sure to try any of the fifteen categories listed above.