7 posing techniques for non-models

101f255330196ff58dcf8de1234aabc8Posing enhance images. For example, a magazine model could look plain unless she tilt her shoulder, open her mouth, slant forward, bend the knees, and look up. Also, models who are endorsing Amusement Park will look sad unless they go for jump shot with arms raised and smiling faces. In fact, poses can portray nonverbal communications like that of a newlywed. Couples would shower kisses and hugs, a gesture of love and intimacy, to show that they delight to say vows to their partners. Therefore different posing beautifies the photograph because it allows the rawness of life to be captured.


But with the diversity of photography and the availability of camera phone these days, even simple people can uploads sample contents over the internet. To help people strike a pose, here are seven posing tips for common subjects.

  1.    The Peace sign pose. Dominant for most of Asian teenagers, peace sign is a cute way to pose on camera. It is mostly used by female high school students who use “Japan Japan” as its connotation.
  2.    The Classroom pose. Mostly used on formal business meetings and academic photo shoots, the subjects will be lined in columns. They will have less arms gestures and limited facial expression. Usually the person of authority will be sitting at the center of the group.
  3.    The Wacky pose. This pose is prevalent on an informal setting. On wacky pose, the subject has to pose on their own using jesting facial expressions.
  4.    The Jump shot pose. It is usually done on outdoor setting like nature trips and beach outings. The subject must jump at the count of three to achieve this pose.
  5.    The Letter sign pose. Using the subject’s body part, they must portray letters only through posing. Like jump shot, it is commonly done at beaches.
  6.    The Item pose.  Subject must pose afar while the item is held near the camera. This pose is commonly seen on high school students.
  7.    The Intimate pose. Usually seen on pre-nuptial photo shoots, the subjects will pose intimately to show their love through photographs.


With the tips listed above, surely diverse photography can reach even the people who are not in Multimedia or Arts. So try the items above and share it on the internet.