8 more killer photography tips professionals won’t tell you

657743a2c690dcb0f636eedf60919d20Photography can be tricky. For example, a tripod needs to be stable because it determines a clear or blurred shot. A white Backdrop must be handy enough to carry anywhere but a cloth is not an option. Lens shapes must add design to the photo so alternative way must be considered because original lens costs pretty expensive. Flash must be adjusted to achieve night effect shot, a trick not many can recreate. Therefore photography is complicated and has to be approached with guides from experienced people.



To help newcomers adapt useful techniques from professionals, here are eight photography tips that can maximize their artistic shots.


  1. Insulation Reflector Board. For as low as 5 USD, people can buy insulation board and use duct tape to strengthen it. It is a good reflector used by Production Staffs.
  2. Camera Strap GND Filter. It is a darker shade lens that can level a bright sky landscape shot. Using Camera Strap is good way to use as filter when lenses aren’t available.
  3. Reflector as Studio Backdrop. Photographer can buy a 25 USD reflector then use it as a backdrop to be an alternative option when shooting outdoor.
  4. Shaped Bokeh out of paper lens. Using a black piece of paper, photographer can cut out an opening then overlay it on the lens to imitate a Bokeh. It is a Do-It-Yourself trick people must try.
  5. Delete people from travel photo. Use the 10 second continuous capture of camera then upload them to Photoshop Extended and choose Median under Script tab. It will merge the still photo and remove the moving ones. Since people moves, only the background will appear.
  6. Remove the lens for macro. The lens has to be removed from the camera but it must be held affront. It is suggested that 50mm focal length must be specification of camera setting.
  7. Day to night in a flash. Photographer must adjust the camera from default setting f/2.8 with no flash to f/22 with flash. By doing this, the picture will have a black background without affecting the subject.
  8. Lamp tripod. To achieve maximum stability without using hands, people can mount the camera to a lamp. This simple trick is very helpful for Class Picture shots or Landscape time lapse.


Indeed photography may involve a lot of tricks that has to be practiced thoroughly. But with the help of points listed above, people can be sure to level up their skills in no time.