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Photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram

By April 2015, Instagram blocked the account of Singer-Actress Rihanna for posting a nude photo from French Magazine. Issues between arts and censorship arise from the incident. First, the artistic community believed that human body is a beautiful canvas of nature. So it has to be appreciated as it naturally is. In fact, critical mindedness […]

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A formula for guaranteed cute child photos

With tender skin and fragile movements, babies are fascinating in every way. A mother would lay a baby flat on her chest to speak comfort. A father would carry her in his arms with so much love and affection. Aunties would compare if she looks like her mom or dad. Uncles would be congratulating the […]

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7 posing techniques for non-models

Posing enhance images. For example, a magazine model could look plain unless she tilt her shoulder, open her mouth, slant forward, bend the knees, and look up. Also, models who are endorsing Amusement Park will look sad unless they go for jump shot with arms raised and smiling faces. In fact, poses can portray nonverbal […]

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15 photography project ideas

Photography is a passion and profession that is used almost anywhere. Parents would compile their Child’s printed photographs and put it in an album. Within a School Year, a photographer would take each grade a class picture. College students who are affiliated to Bachelor of Arts would have Photography classes on a Minor Subject. Job […]

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