Photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram

60a7b1ad55bc3ad615f13ad8c07225d8By April 2015, Instagram blocked the account of Singer-Actress Rihanna for posting a nude photo from French Magazine. Issues between arts and censorship arise from the incident. First, the artistic community believed that human body is a beautiful canvas of nature. So it has to be appreciated as it naturally is. In fact, critical mindedness is a sign of ignorance because society approves this photos and it is human anatomy in the first place. On the other hand, censorship committee remains firm that Instagram reaches diverse audience so nudity may provoke religious audience and kids to defy morality and breach the integrity of Company name. As a result, Instagram warned the celebrity to apply further sanctions unless she complied to remove the picture.


To warn people about uploading pictures to Instagram that are not allowed and to help them stay away from being blocked without any chance of retrieval, here are some list of photos that must not be uploaded on Instagram.


  1.    Nudity. Nudity must be age appropriate. So it must not be uploaded to public applications that can be accessed by minor audience. Formative years of a child will be affected once their sense of good and bad are breached.
  2.    Bloody stuff. Emotionally deprived people are psychologically inclined to depression that can result to suicide attempts. Usually seeking for attention, they are prone to upload bloody stuff that is censored on Instagram.
  3.    Crimes. Extremist are often biased to their cause that they shut off other negotiations for peace or even compromise. They could upload hate crimes or massacres to threat freedom and cause social anxiety. So uploading crime photo are not allowed to Instagram.
  4.    Copyrights. Google Images have setting to sift photos that are allowed to reuse and for public domain. Copyright is a major concern for digital properties, and with the flexible accessibility of the internet, one must not upload pictures that has copyright restrictions.
  5.    Top secret files. Very unlikely to happen, top secret files must be kept hidden. But if the double agent planned a conspiracy, one must be mindful not to use public applications like Instagram to blow secrecy.

Internet expands the liberty of people to share and gather information, but there are limitations that people should respect for the sake of morality. The points listed above will be a helpful guide to conform to censorship of art.