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7 posing techniques for non-models

Posing enhance images. For example, a magazine model could look plain unless she tilt her shoulder, open her mouth, slant forward, bend the knees, and look up. Also, models who are endorsing Amusement Park will look sad unless they go for jump shot with arms raised and smiling faces. In fact, poses can portray nonverbal […]

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10 of the greatest camera hacks of all times

Photography is a great past time for sentimental ones. Through this art form, people can capture memorable moments. For example, a friend can upload a photo of his daily school trips then tag other classmates that were with him. It is one way of marking a certain period in their lives that proves, at one […]

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How to take a beautiful Christmas tree photos

Christmas balls reflect the changing colors of lights that emit a random dance through programmed mono rhyming music. It embraces the wall that has “Merry Christmas” sign post with LED lights powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The empty boxes have been dressed with gift wraps and can excite people to peek inside if their […]

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10 quick tips to fix your bad photos

Marlon is a twenty five years old fan of Silent Sanctuary, an alternative. Eight years ago they would go rent a Music Studio after Monthly Exams when he was on High School. Silent Sanctuary has been the inspiration of Marlon to pursue a music-related career that allowed him to buy a ticket few days ago. […]

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8 more killer photography tips professionals won’t tell you

Photography can be tricky. For example, a tripod needs to be stable because it determines a clear or blurred shot. A white Backdrop must be handy enough to carry anywhere but a cloth is not an option. Lens shapes must add design to the photo so alternative way must be considered because original lens costs […]

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Teach yourself photography

Sometimes people are intimidated to try new arts because they lack proper education in a traditional schooling. Photography is an example. They would feel anxious to start a shoot for every shot looks amateur and raw. As a result, they could lose motivation and quit a new hobby because they can’t produce high quality shots […]

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