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Photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram

By April 2015, Instagram blocked the account of Singer-Actress Rihanna for posting a nude photo from French Magazine. Issues between arts and censorship arise from the incident. First, the artistic community believed that human body is a beautiful canvas of nature. So it has to be appreciated as it naturally is. In fact, critical mindedness […]

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Wedding photography tips and techniques

A wedding is one of the busiest events a photographer can cover. From the pre-nuptial shoots to post production editing, the team has to carry all the efforts. First, client hires them with high expectations that they’ll be experiencing a Hollywood type photos on hand. During pre-nuptial shots will be the creative play according to […]

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Teach yourself photography

Sometimes people are intimidated to try new arts because they lack proper education in a traditional schooling. Photography is an example. They would feel anxious to start a shoot for every shot looks amateur and raw. As a result, they could lose motivation and quit a new hobby because they can’t produce high quality shots […]

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