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Photos you shouldn’t post on Instagram

By April 2015, Instagram blocked the account of Singer-Actress Rihanna for posting a nude photo from French Magazine. Issues between arts and censorship arise from the incident. First, the artistic community believed that human body is a beautiful canvas of nature. So it has to be appreciated as it naturally is. In fact, critical mindedness […]

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A formula for guaranteed cute child photos

With tender skin and fragile movements, babies are fascinating in every way. A mother would lay a baby flat on her chest to speak comfort. A father would carry her in his arms with so much love and affection. Aunties would compare if she looks like her mom or dad. Uncles would be congratulating the […]

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How to take a beautiful Christmas tree photos

Christmas balls reflect the changing colors of lights that emit a random dance through programmed mono rhyming music. It embraces the wall that has “Merry Christmas” sign post with LED lights powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The empty boxes have been dressed with gift wraps and can excite people to peek inside if their […]

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10 quick tips to fix your bad photos

Marlon is a twenty five years old fan of Silent Sanctuary, an alternative. Eight years ago they would go rent a Music Studio after Monthly Exams when he was on High School. Silent Sanctuary has been the inspiration of Marlon to pursue a music-related career that allowed him to buy a ticket few days ago. […]

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15 photography project ideas

Photography is a passion and profession that is used almost anywhere. Parents would compile their Child’s printed photographs and put it in an album. Within a School Year, a photographer would take each grade a class picture. College students who are affiliated to Bachelor of Arts would have Photography classes on a Minor Subject. Job […]

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