Teach yourself photography

6daaa74adf5fc4efec845cf8791b0721Sometimes people are intimidated to try new arts because they lack proper education in a traditional schooling. Photography is an example. They would feel anxious to start a shoot for every shot looks amateur and raw. As a result, they could lose motivation and quit a new hobby because they can’t produce high quality shots like the Professionals.

However, people should equip themselves with a good mindset. Everything can be learned if people will dedicate themselves to the process it involves. In fact, with sheer determination and ability to cope up from mistakes, people can excel in this art one step at a time.

To help people follow a self-based learning approach through internet, these are some tips to learn photography without a teacher.


  1.    Search the internet. By searching the internet, people can learn through accessible videos and blogs that teach photography. In fact, many clubs and organization around the internet offer free training materials for photography.
  2.    Buy books. Photography books have tutorial versions like that of “For Dummies” or “Photography 101: Beginner’s’ Guide”. It will be a helpful self guide for people.
  3.    Download concept picture. Structured pictures can be imitated by people who are learning photography. It can serve as basic guide to cite from theories and technical examples.
  4.    Recreate the shot. Recreating the shot will surely teach people to learn from their raw shots and analyze their mistakes.
  5.    Share it on social media. The best way to learn photography is to be open to criticisms and be able to adjust previous work by sharing it to others. Social media connect different people around the world with the same passion. In fact, people can go to Deviant Art website and start building their online albums.

Therefore learning photography is a decision that people needs to commit on. Besides, if people enjoy what they doing, they wouldn’t the sacrifice it involve and just go all throughout the learning process.