Wedding photography tips and techniques

d18ff926cd16f9a960633f0b1ccded97A wedding is one of the busiest events a photographer can cover. From the pre-nuptial shoots to post production editing, the team has to carry all the efforts. First, client hires them with high expectations that they’ll be experiencing a Hollywood type photos on hand. During pre-nuptial shots will be the creative play according to the couple’s theme request. On the actual wedding day, families of both parties will demand a shot that resembles class pictures, except for coat and gowns. Lastly, the reception event must produce stolen shots that capture joy and the whole wedding festivity. Therefore, wedding is a hectic event for both parties.


To help the team cover events with ease while maximizing their time for same day edit, here are tips and techniques for wedding photography.


  1. Select wide aperture. Through aperture, the subject will be sharp while blurring the background. It is a good option for isle shot where the bride is walking towards her groom. So wide aperture is a technique that wedding photographers use very often.
  2. Seek for line. By finding lines, it a can add to linear perspectives of the image. Lines can guide viewers to look at a subject as it centers the focus to certain coordinates. Also, lines are very easy to extract out of reception or church vicinity.
  3. Frame the couple. By taking picture on a rectangle surface like glass windows or gathering hall doors, the photographer can frame the subject. Also framing needs flexibility so it can be achieved thoroughly.
  4. Add blurs. Using lens blur beautifies garden weddings since the nature effect already show itself a scenic view. Through blurs, photographers can experiment different shots with the couple.
  5. Sweet shots. Wedding photography, with all technical stuffs and items, will mean nothing unless for sweet shots. So the photographer must suggest posing that looks good for newlyweds.


Therefore, with proper training and methodical approach to photo shoots, a team can excel under wedding photography that pleases their clients.